(Contains 110 photos)
Mont Blanc 2011 portfolio My 2011 summit of Mont Blanc, including Italy's Gran Paradiso.
(Contains 32 photos)
Recent Images portfolio A chance for you to keep up with Dan's most recent photos.
(Contains 51 photos)
New Zealand portfolio Photography from New Zealand's North and South Islands.
(Contains 101 photos)
Guernsey Scenes portfolio Stunning coastal and landscape photos from the beautiful islands of Guernsey, Herm and Alderney.
(Contains 19 photos)
Panoramic Views portfolio Large, sweeping panoramic views of Guernsey and beyond.
(Contains 9 photos)
UK and Scotland portfolio Images of the UK and Scotland's coast and countryside.
(Contains 5 photos)
Brittany / Bretagne portfolio The beautiful French region of Bretagne. Regularly updated as Dan explores new scenes during his travels.
(Contains 7 photos)
Mono portfolio A selection of black and white photos for ultimate impact.
(Contains 54 photos)
Wildlife portfolio Wildlife of Guernsey, Europe and beyond.
(Contains 508 photos)
Weddings portfolio